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president obama restored the united states prestige or damaged it with apologies? listen. (cheers) >> i will restore our moral standing so america is once again that last best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom. >> president obama em barks on the first european swing focused on the languishing glowing economy. >> if you look at the source of this crisis the united states certainly has some accounting to do with respect to a regulatory system that was inadequate, the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system. >> after already apoll guysing for sending the global recession partially in motion the president also apologized for america looking down on europe. >> in america there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derissive. >> can i ask you whether you prescribe as many of the predecessors have to the school of american exceptionalism that se
worse, despite the massive relief effort from arch around the globe especially from the united states the situation in earthquake ravaged haiti gets more grim by the hour. i am geraldo rivera at the airport at port-au-prince. the people of the stricken land go hungry and thirsty, even the little babies. >> we don't have food enough for the babies. we have babies that are younger than 1, and we have water for only two-days. >> as inadequate as the sincere relief effort has so far been there is relief for some haitian americans who are gradually being evacuated even as many others overwhelm the u.s. embassy trying to get authorization to leave a torn nation that may be slipping into anarchy. tonight even as the stars rally to the cause fox news core spn dent, jenkins, rivera, house sen and salanis we will try to give you an accurate picture of what is going wrong and what is going right in this mel lancholy and increasingly desperate place. >> there are increasing incidents of violence. we are looking at that very closely. we do need obviously a safe and secure environment to continue a
the united states as a pretext to occupy haiti. when he found out the marines were arriving he said, quote, they are occupying haiti undercover. i believe we have tape. >> that's why i didn't drink the espresso. >> we should have had that translated. >> jim, is it what these cruise people -- what do you call them -- tourists? it would be better if it wasn't so close to disaster, isn't that what they are say ?g. >> yeah, they don't want it to infringe on their vacation. but to me it is about perception. the cruiseline is donating money for docking there. >> and they employ hatian. >> and they are bringing pallets of food. after 9/11, nobody criticized tourists foregoing to, no, we were happy. >> excellent point. mary you are looking like -- >> i so disagree. tourists came to new york, but they came months later. they didn't come like a week later when there was still the devastation going on. i don't know. it is like there is a grace period. yes, the cruise lines are doing great things, but it is in poor taste. i hate it. i think it is awful. >> i don't know. i think from a visual, like a -
." it is anti-u.s. military and colonel brian salas, director of public affairs for the united states marine corp wrote a letter to the marine corp times saying" avatar takes sophomoric shots at the military and uses ... stereo typing of marine warriors and more dots. it does a disservice to the corp of marines and the public's understanding of their corp. "the movie makes marines look like loon gnaw particulars which we are a country that helps people. and then tuesday night at an industry screening of his feme telling the audience, quote, i have heard people say this film is unamerican. while part of being an american is having the freedom to have dissenting ideas. he did torch an american flag. >> what? i can't support that. >> i can't either. the director also says while he is not sure there was a political agenda in the flick, that as an artist he felt he needed to say something about what he saw around him. then he showed the audience a clip of the next blockbuster. >> it is even better in 3-d, jesse, even better. jesse, are people reading too much into this film, or are they not readi
, crazy. venezuela's president hugo chavez got to a new level of nutiness by saying the united states used an earthquake weapon to cause the heart quake in haiti. he sent out a press relief saying the 7.0 quake was caused by a u.s. test of an experimental shock wave system that can also create, quote, weather anomalies to cause floods, droughts and hurricanes. but america's ultimate goal, quote, the planned destruction of iran through a series of earthquakes designed to topple the current islamic regime. alarming indeed. also alarming, appetite for kittens. anyway, can we see a tape of chavez making a statement to the media? >> i hope that didn't offend anybody in the goat population. does chavez know something that we don't? >> well, let's think about this. chaw -- chavez says the quake was caused by the united states. danny glover says it was the earth's revenge for not passing climate change legislation. seismologist say it was a shifting of the tectonic plates. obviously somebody is crazy here. those wacky seismologists. >> bill, shouldn't we be flattered that they think we have this t
to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are they say quick to calm the waters and the fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related? >> that would be my preference. it is difficult to suggest that the fort attack was not terror-related. i don't know major was given guidance orders or took inspiration from the cleric but to suggest it was a criminal act defies what i think most americans -- doesn't pass the sniff test, most americans understand that >> sean: two have spoken out, one democrat, one republican. lee hamilton, democrat he says what he thinks is pervasive throughout the country, complacency, inertia, business as usual attitude, he thinks it is harmful and he thinks the president has a major share of blame. do you agree the presid
incident happens in the -- a major incident happens in the united states we are told that we have to be more mindful of the backlash than anything. as far as i know, i have never seen a back also dash towards the muslim community. we say we suffer badly and try to find the criminals. there is no backlash? >> i'm more worried about the front lash. >> greg: i want to know what that is. >> i mean what is so bad about a good backlashing. i was flogged last night, greg. and it cost me a pretty penny. >> greg: i charged you $20. >> this week joe leiberman got snubbed by a senator who was clearly not his bud. was it petunence. >> for perhapses if everybody in our country. >> spoken for -- the senator has spoken for ten minutes. >> could i ask unanimous consent for an additional moment. >> in my capacity as senator from minnesota, i object. >> really? i don't take it personally. >> greg: john mccain the next day stood up for his colleague. >> i have been around here twenty some years and first time i have seen a member denied an extra minute or two to finish his remarks and i must say tha
. in the case of haiti, lots of it. the united states seems to be the punching bag for the nations of the world most days. we're called everything from imperilists to warmongers and worse. but once again, in the face of a horrible human tragedy, it's americans who show up first, do the most and expect the least in return. whether it's a tsunami in asia, a famine in africa, or an earthquake in pakistan or haiti. the world knows that while the chinese might export cheap consumer products and the saudis might found oil from the ground and sell it to the world and argentina might ship some beef for the world's marketplace, that when it comes to a time of human tragedy, it's the united states that will export its most precious commodity. its generosity. within hours of the horrific earthquake that hit haiti, americans were pouring record donation in relief efforts of organizations like red cross and salvation army. the united states military dispatched ships, planes, and thousands of personnel to the scene. american relief workers lined up to go to haiti and risked death and disease to help desperat
to say out of the people kicked off, i think twice as many from any other country from the united states which made me feel a lot of pride. usa! usa! to see these people on the site, it sounds like it should be called like shallow jerk .com. they think we all want to be with them. they sound like spray on tans and collagen lips. we don't want to be behind your velvet rope. we want you to tie you up and drag you behind the car. >> harshly put. but i would like to be with these collagen lipped and tan people. but what is wrong with this site is that you can be hot and fat. i mean, look at kate moss. she is huge, but she is beautiful. >>> coming up, part one of the 18-part investigative series on rainbows. but first, this junk. >> what does beyonce have to do with khadafi? the answer in six months. no, just joshing. i'll tell you about it after the break silly bird faces. >>> they are still looney overall things cartoony. after a danish newspaper printed papers of mohamed, muslim extremists are seeking revenge. a somali man armed with a knife and an ax, because an ax wasn't enough, broke
a more uprorious footage of rachel. >> we are now hearing, in w terms of the united states senate here in massachusetts, that the -- that the ap is nowps projecting that scott brown is the winner of theown massachusetts united statesunite senate race. again, this is an apis i projection associated press is n now projecting that scott s brown is the winner of the massachusetts senate race to replace the late ted kennedy. k again, this is an ap projection. nora o'donnell has confirmednora that martha coakley has calledeh scott brown to concede theoon race. >> sorry, i guess uprorious is not the right word. she is down-rorious. the joke isn't funny anymore, but i am thinking, no, the party is just getting started. this is a time for the teamt t party movement to embrace the t-bag money gnaw customer andto force that silly slur that helped amp the angst that lead to the brown win. t-back is a symbol between a sym disconnect between elitist jackasses and the rest of jacss america. every time msnbc snickered about t-bagging it was knownedia that the media will not take you seriously if you r
of the blue states. she clearly wishes the united states. >> i see you. >> also, you can't spell naive with nave. anny, you brought up the fact that bill couldn't wait to see the opening of avatar. and we're going to see leap year tomorrow. >> that's different. that really has a story. going to try to get married on leap year. just going to meet a guy that is going to help her find a guy, and she is going to fall in love with him. >> amid a --ed -- amy adams. >> so cute. >> in a world where love may not exist. >> i don't want to live in that world. >> the best things about these forums, people say, i think this is another thing avatar has on star wars, if you don't see it, you get uber-depressed and then they write, lol because they don't really mean it. >> shutdown of the airport. you want to blame this on romantic comedies. you leave those alone. >> the worst movie -- i want to throw up on them. >> you are robot, sir. >> i am. >> anny, you brought up the seen in "airplane" when they let the suspicious guys in and question the lady. >> i was pointing out this film that came out in 197
traditional first responders and law enforcement to defend the homeland security of the united states. but we have to operate from the premise these people are threat, they want to kill us. they aren't common criminals. >> he said everything i wanted to say but with complete -- >> but couldn't. >> you should start spitting more like me. >> from prosecution to pandemonium. he went the wrong way and caused a delay, and a cluster proof nightmare which all happened in newark, new jersey, which already sucks. an unidentified man entered the airport through an exit. a security breach that forced every passenger to leave the terminal so they could be rescreened. grounds flights for six hours. meantime, on sunday, the tsa announced passengers flying to the u.s. from state sponsors of torism would be subject to enhanced screening, people traveling from countries like eye ran, sue dan, and texas will have carryon bag searches and full bodiy scanning, some actually enjoy them, leak our own bill schultz. we recreate his most recent visit to the airport. >> it appears i have beenram randomly picked for a
president care about the rest of the -- doesn't care about the rest of the united states. they care about massachusetts. that's why coakley didn't win. >> shut him up. from a coakley choke to brown going down. martha coakley scored a stunning victory tuesday in the race to phil ted ken gnaw kennedy -- ted kennedy's massachusetts seat. brown was ahead of coakley often by a substantial margin. coakley pulled off a victory in the heavily democratic state as they decided to keep the senate seat in the kennedy party. according to "red eye" exit polls what lead most to vote for coakley was this. >> great job, bill. fyi, "red eye" margin polls have a margin of error plus or minus 742%. you and your fashist cronies must be devastated. >> actually, i am not. i will say the same thing i did last segment which is this is still a referendum on barack obama. his first year in office has been a failure. it is no coincidence that this race was so close. she barely squeaked out a win because she is not gonna knock brown out. she needs a knockout, and she didn't do it. >> i would like to declare victory.
and johnson heiress tila tequilla. and then she uh united states nos that she is engaged to johnson. yea! she is rich. several weeks later johnson is found dead. tila logs on to twitter. please pray for my wifey, kasey johnson. she passed away. thank you for your love and support, i will be off line to be with family. >> tragic for her. >> i just got news my fiancee is not dead, but in a coma. omg! hang in there, my love. casey johnson will forever be in my heart. and we will marry when i see you in heaven my wifey. so the johnson family wishes this petite parasite would fall into a pit of pythons and never return. a source close to the family, quote, it would be nice if tila showed a thread of dignity. she has paraded around in little clothing for the photographers around her pad. frankly, i would rather look at this. >> that makes me happy. you know, tila tequilla for me represents everything vial about pop culture. she is an incessant parasite being fed -- her ego is being fed. >> stop being on the fence about this. first of all, i am shocked somebody named tila tequilla would show questi
is the exist tense of the united states. the notion woe say he still wants to close it, i think is just a sign of ideological desperation on his part. >> he's clinging to something. i'm sure many presidents admitted he's wrong. he's letting terrorists in a way dictate our policis. we're releasing prisoners because al yaed is raising a ruckus. >> yes. if he gets his way putting these prisoners in a facility in illinois illinois will be the new recruiting l -- tool for al qaeda. and the one good thing i did say today was he wasn't going to send anymore terrorists back to yemen so they can rejoin al qaeda quickly. >> i want to talk to you about ni geara. the prime minister is pissed off because we're instituting new guidelines and they feel you shouldn't be discriminating against 150 million people because of the behavior of one person. is he right? wrong? you know nigeria. you know? i don't know. >> well, i think he's right. it's a blunt instrument what the transportation security administration said they wanted to do. just looking at everybody from 14 countries this fellow wasn't radicalized in
parents, but i had the opportunity to get an education. to go and earn a commission in the united states army. to serve for 22 years, to lead men and women in combat. that was done not because the government came down and tried to make the rules and change it for me. it was done because i realized i was an american. i have the freedom and ability to do that. >> no surprise that video became an internet sensation and brought national attention to the race for congress in florida's 22nd district. but before he gave that speech, my next guest was in operation desert storm and operation iraqi freedom and served a is a civilian advisor to the afghan army. he has been awarded a bronze star and earned a parachute badge and air assault badge. meanwhile, i wear star wars pajamas and use a night-light. welcome colonel allen west. colonel, i had that video sent to me 150 times. >> good, i was sending it to you. i was coming on the show and so i sent it to you. one thing before you get started, can you get your make up lady to come over here. i need to lighten up my skin a little more. and hopefully
that scott brown is the winner of the massachusetts united states senate race. this is an ap projection. the associated press is now projecting scott brown is the the winner of the massachusetts senate race to replace the late ted kennedy. this is an ap projection. nora o'donnell has confirmed that martha coakley has called scott brown to concede the race. >> sorry, i get downro ry uos. i may quote more see and say the joke isn't funny anymore. but no, the party is just getting started. this is a time for the team party movement to embrace the t-bag money gnaw customer for it is that silly slur that helped them to the win. the t bag is a strong symbol between elite jackasses and the rest of america. after time they snickers about t bags, they said the media won't take you seriously if you reject their uh summings. and the protesters believe on like protesters if you loo look like protesters. and don't forget the cushion to air bubble jogging shoes. if you are going to protest, it better be about kraft, saving the planet, no nukes, but protesting to let the expansion of government, that
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